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Attempt to add grid record failed


Hi Zoltan,

You are right, all these are custom. The Business View relates to a =
single table. The only thing left I could think of was to do the =
following and it worked.
1). Regenerated the table. =20
2). Checked it in.
3). Created a type definition for the Business View.
4). Checked it in. (Business View)
5). Deleted the global tables.
6). Re tested the application.

That seemed to work, any thoughts/comments?

David Karski
Hardinge Inc.

OneWorld XE SP 14.2 AS400 DB2 Win NT
Hi David,

This happens when you change your table definition (did you just add a
new field ?)
I had the problem before and there are 2 things to do:

- First, make sure that the SQL package is turned off on your AS400, if
not, then delete the one related to One World (I posted a document on
the forum a few months ago about that. I don't have it with me right
now, but if you can't find it, I'll send it to you tonight...)

- Then, I noticed yesterday, that even with the SQL Package not running,
I had the problem you described. But then, I just had to log off and on
again (something to do with the ODBC caching the table specs...)

Hope this helps