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Question 1

Is it possible to associate attachments in World software to transactions? Is there any scope for using functionality similar to that available in OneWorld?

Question 2

Is there a way to be prompted for Data Selection for a World Writer on a menu?

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Question 1: I don’t think so, not in standard World.

Question 2: There is a neat solution by Derek Aitken for front-ending a WW with Dream Writer data selection. It’s available here at JDEList. Try or simply go to and follow the directions to the downloads.

Dave Kahn (World A7.3 cum 10)


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Will this also be in World Version 8.1????????

For those of us who are a version ahead of 7.3

Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC

Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC.
WorldSoftware Version 8.1.2 AS/400 V4R5
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We cannot do code change documents - as these changes are way too complex,
and there have been many changes to WorldWriter at different cume levels.
If there is sufficient customer demand - we could put together an update
which includes most of the WorldWriter programs. It would just take some
time as it would be better to wait until we complete some of the other
WorldWriter SARs we are currently working on.

There will be an A8.1 version of this enhancement in cume 4, which is
currently planned for early next year.



While JDE is modifying WW, can we have the ability to output summary data
to file?


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FW: Attachments - World Writer

Ian Newman's suggestion gets my full support - been after this feature for
years. Can do it with Query/400 but then we don't want every user having
access to Query.

Regards...... Colin HUGILL

Colin Hugill


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Re: RE: Attachments - World Writer

Julie Sisson wrote:

> This is not a download.

Absolutely correct. It's a message in JDEList.

The JDEList download "World Writer Data Selection using Dream Writer",
contributed by Derek Aitken, is a download.

Dave Kahn (World A7.3 cum 10)


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Sign me up for the summary data file too please.

Jill Fralick
ABB Flexible Automation
Auburn Hills, MI 48313
A7.3 cum 10
(248) 391-8618


Add my vote to Ian's, Collin's, and Alan's. If this keeps up, the list will
include all customers still running World.

Stephen R. Lewis
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Steve Lewis
CCL Custom Manufacturing
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A73 cum 8, 720 V4R4


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Re: RE: Attachments - World Writer

Attach my name to that list.

BUT I would rather have the bugs in the Cover Page Print and The ability to use a file that has Actual Decimals (and have it pull in the data dictonary values correctly).

8.1 has problems with both of these issues.

Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC.
WorldSoftware Version 8.1.2 AS/400 V4R5


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World Writer should be (emphasis on the SHOULD!!!) cum independent,
therefore I would have hoped JDE could make the updates available to all of
us, whatever version of A7.3 or A8.1 we are using.

Add my vote to the creation of output to a file also. Many of our users are
very familiar with WW, but we steer clear of giving users access to Query
since it bypasses JDE security. Showcase will do the job, but is a real
resource hog.

Tony Payne - Senior Systems Analyst
United Musical Instruments USA Inc.
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Elkhart, Indiana 46516
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Fax: (219) 295 8613
(Running JDE A73 cum 10 on V4R3M0)


Add one more to the list of people wanting WW summary download

Terry Pann
Business Analyst
Perry Judd's
A7.3 cum 11, v4r0m0


while we are on the topic of ww has anyone fiqured out how to put a data
prompt in front of a WW i know this will require a small mod
Thanks in advance


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Re: FW: Attachments - World Writer

I also need/want the ability to output summary data to a file in WW, so if there is a list starting, put me on it.

David Bryant
Maxco Supply, Inc.


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Re: FW: Attachments - World Writer

Getting a bit repetitive, but add me to the list. I may be converted from query to world writer if this functionality exists.

Paul Thompson
IT Business Analyst
E-Mail: PaulThompson@Thwaites.Co.Uk
World A7.3 Cum 7