Attachment - NEW FEATURE on the FORUM!


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I just detected that I can attach a file to the post when I submit it.
Thank you ERIC!
Now I will attach a jde.ini file to this post to test this new feature.
Does it work using e-mail instead of Forum? If yes, then how can we attach file (the normal way or have to follow some rule?)


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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


E-mail File attachments are not currently supported.

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well, it did attach and it showed an attachment in the left side of the post but i don't have authority to see it.

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Well, this is what I get for testing a new modification and then forgetting to disable it. I originally had planned to release this new modification when it was available to the mailing list side as well. No matter, it doesn't work so I've disabled it. Can't win them all.

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