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Hello People

I hope someone can help. I have activated the std attachments processing. When I go into the application the attachments processing works fine. However I do not get the paperclip column showing on the grid. I have checked that the HIDE ROW HEADERS option is NOT checked. So what is wrong / missing?

Also can someone tell me what 'HIDE ROW LINES' option does?


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Hey euroboy,

waht's wrong or missing is your signature telling us what OneWorld version, etc you're running on ... Give us that and we'll give ya an answer!


Larry Jones
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As generally, Larry is right again. Euroboy, do you use OneWorld software anyway? :))
In response to the original issue:
Although I have never worked with attachments till now but have investigated numerous interactive applications on several OW release and have seen that applications place the PaperClip mark programatically in ER and it isn't an automatical process.
Generally in the WriteGridLineBefore event they check the existence of the attachment and when it exists then they put the PaperClip mark with the SetGridRowBitMap system function onto the row header.
Unfortunately I haven't time currently to looking for details, so my suggestion is for you:
1.) Search for an OW application where the mark appears on the row header when the grid is populated.
2.) Investigate the ERs with FDA to figure out how it do that.

Hope, could help a bit.


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