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Attach media objects


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I would like to attach scanned images to Lease record using Media Objects. I don't want to do it manually because we have about 20,000 files to attach. Is there a business function or something that will let me create records in the media objects table (F00165)?



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ModifyGenericTextName ((LPSTR),(LPVOID),(LPSTR));

That's the function you want, but it's compiled into the Kernel, so you've got some C programming to do if you're looking to convert a lot of records.

This is going to take a few days for someone who "knows what they're doing"tm.

Good luck!

Darren Ricciardi - OneWorld Whipping Boy


Hi, Melissa did you every find an answer to the storing of scanned images, I am in the same boat as you.

I have found a 3rd party dll that can initiate the scanning process.
Could we share ideas thanks



Rather than compiling into the kernel, is there any other way by either writing your own business function or a 3rd party object that we could use to accomplish the same task with lease files?


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Can we attach the image file path in by this. I want to upload Item Master Records using Interoperability & then associated images as well.

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