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Dear List

If this questions has already been asked please link to the thread.

I have used to apply ESU or ASU to the DV7333 enviroment and then, after testing, advance it to all enviroment with customized objects adjusted. But since one always gets problems with advancing big projects I am thinking about to apply them to each single environment.

What is your experience? What are the pros/cons? Would it be OMW compatible if applied to each single environment?


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Roland :

You can go both ways, but you have to think about their pros and cons.

Using OMW.

You follow the JDE "philosophy" on how to promote objects from one
environment to another. Some clients asked me, "why aren't we using
OMW to transfer an ESU from here to there?" Answer goes below >
Some ESUs and ASUs have too many objects and OMW simply "forgets" (?)
to promote some of them. Already have suffered that with Update2,
though CD documentation recommends NOT to use OMW to promote it to
other environments!
If you install an ESU on DV7333, modify a couple of its objects
and promote the ESU plus its modified objects to PY7333.
It takes a lot of time to promote (transfer) 1500 or 2500 objects
of UpdateX from DV7333 to PY7333.

Reinstall ESU on other environments via P96470

At least for me, it takes less time to install an ESU on a second
environment than to promote it from the original one.
You install exactly the same objects on both environments.
ESU objects that were modified after installation on the original
environment aren't transfered to the second environment.

Personally, I prefer to reinstall ESU on the second environment...


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We've experienced problems promoting ESUs through OMW (basically the don't
promote !!!). This has been fixed (we're told) in Update 2. So if you don't
have update 2 installed you've no choice BUT to apply the ESUs directly

/ Ian

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