E9.2 Associate Description

Dana BY

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Team, hi. I have a question:
Currently I am making archive tables for some data and interactive application to review archive data.
I've created new custom table, bview of it and now interactive application in FDA - a lightweight copy of main data viewer.

Ok, so here is the issue.
In main app in the grid there are columns ADDID and ALKY and both columns have description associated with those columns.
I tried to do the same with my app, but for some reason description fields remain blank. While in main app they work.
What did I miss?
Hi @Dana BY

What application is "a lightweight copy of main data viewer.".

Associate description by default is associated to DD Rule. For example for AN8:
But ALKY and ADDID has not associated, so I suspect than in the main data viewer what do you say, it is has as properties.