Associate an address book entry to a GL account for reporting?


I want to add a name to each balance sheet account....this will be the person (address book record) who is reponsible for reconciling the g/l account. I know that we can probably use the category codes (on account master), but am unsure if I should just modify 01 or use some other code. I realize the cat codes are limited to 3 characters and I could probably use the last 3 positions of the address book number...
Cat Codes 1 thru 30 are available from the initial install/setup.

There are cat codes on the address book level but I don't think they are applicable here.

Any thoughts on how I can go about this?
As you indicated, cat codes are the way to go. You either grab a 3-character, or a 10-character cat code. If you grab the 10-char code, you can enter the address book number as its value. But it's still a manual process. What if responsibilities change? Or a new employee gets hired? If you use the address book as the value, you'd have to change it every time.

Instead, I would recommend using a generic code not tied to the address book. The code's description would be the employee name. Then if the employee changes, all you'd have to do is to change the UDC's description, not the actual account codes.
We use business unit category codes to indicate the responsible accountant and the regional manager. We use RP04 and RP05 where codes are associated with the names. These codes are also visible on the "List of Accounts by Object" screen and available for reporting.

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