E9.2 Assessment of Point of Sale Systems for JDE


The City of Bellevue is assessing our in-person, point of sale, cashiering system. We are on JDE Version 9.2; Tools 9.2.4

We’d appreciate your willingness to share the following:

1. What system do you use to process in-person payments (aka Point of Sale, Cashiering)?
2. If you do not have a system, how do you process in-person payments (e.g. bank terminal plus keying data into applicable systems)
3. What payment types do you accept in-person - cash, check, credit card?
4. Is there an automated process to apply these payments to your line of business applications (e.g. Utility billing) and JDE?
5. What is the payment gateway & payment processor for this system?
6. What entity provides and hosts your Merchant IDs (e.g. bank, payment processor)?
7. Do you have an online payment portal and if so, is this the same vendor as your Point of Sale?

Thank you,
Jeff Werdal
System Analyst
City of Bellevue (WA)