Assembling Product in Two Facilities


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We are attempting a new process and I need some help from the experts who work in more robust manufacturing environments.

We have two facilities across the United States - most of the manufacturing is done on the West Coast, but we export the product to another country from the East Coast. For example's sake, we fill a tube of goo with product at the West Coast facility and then send it to the East Coast facility to add an insert and shrink band.

I'd like to avoid having to create two different item numbers for the good (tube of goo without shrink band/insert and tube of goo with). I know you can update the items on the BOM with different branches. However, is there any way to "receive" the partially completed product (tube of goo) on the West Coast, use ST processing to send it to the East Coast, and tube of goo with insert and shrink band on the East Coast?
Because there's not a WIP item code you can't generate ST/OT orders to send part from plant W to plant E.
We have customized production module (R31410) to create items '@' (ex. ITEM@50 , where 50 is operation sequence) that's the part number we move from a work center to another. This part number is also included in part list in order to be issued during next operation. It's like a WIP part number.
This sounds like an assembly where you would have three items and a bunch of routings
1)your final finished good(we will call this A)
Parts List
2)the goo (we will call this B)
3)the tube (we will call this C)
3)the insert (we will call this D)
4)shrinkBand <-most likely the final operation?

else, like you were saying you would have to create two items. finish the one (tube of goo without shrink/band) ST/OT it to the other facility, then create another work order in the second facility to take the tube of goo without shrink/band and finish the process.

just thinking outloud here.
ste - Can you give me a bit more detail on how this module works?
STE - can you give me information on your customization and what it did? I'm not entirely familiar with the program so I apologize for my ignorance right off the bat...