AS400/SP13.x Server Package Problem


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Hi there,

B7332 SP13.3 on AS400 V4R4 - CO on AS/400 - NT4 fat clients

I thought I would share this one with fellow AS400 Enterprise Server users.
We have been experiencing problems running server jobs since I deployed a
full package built under SP13.3. Everything on the logs/reports showed up
clean but after a bit of digging I found jde.logs on the server with the
following :-

BSFNAUT not found, AUTHORITY was not set

CRTDUPOBJ failed with error message CPF2130

JDE went through all the authorities I had set on the AS400 with no luck. I
spotted a SAR in the documentation for SP13.3 (4572452) fixing an AS400
builddll problem. This roused my curiosity and I checked the SAR list for
SP14.2 . There I found 4572153 and 4725560 listed also dealing with AS400
buildll. One of them indicated an issue with the every other .dll being
missed in the build. I asked JDE to check to see if this was my issue but
they said they didn't think so. Being the sceptical sort I went ahead and
ordered a CD (I don't trust their downloads yet) with the idea that it may
well be my only option.

Guess what, a few days later the breaking news page on the KG had an
announcement that AS400 users on SP13, 13.1 or 13.3 may experience problems
with full server packages and they recommend going to SP14 and above. The
key line in this bit of news was about the size of the SVRPGM's. When I
checked mine against a pre SP13.3 build they were all smaller and some were
half the size they should have been.

But the fun doesn't stop there as there is the added bonus of an ESU that
needs to go with the SP if blanket orders are being user. Apparently when
N4002510 compiles it causes a package build error.

So, here I am putting SP14.2 on and trying to get a full build done over
this weekend to see if my problems all go away. God I love my job.


Graham Jones
JDE Systems Manager
Park Group Plc
[email protected]

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