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As Of Stock Status Report


Active Member
Is there any standard EnterpriseOne report to show itemwise stock status showing quantity, rate and value GL caterogy wise with totals matching with those shown by General Ledger inventory object accounts? I know that there is a table that is updated by As Of processing in Inventory Module, but is there any standard report that you can print therefrom?


Active Member
As you probably guessed from the lack of response, no there is no standard report available which is curious as I would suggest that this is would be std requirement for every site. It is a simple report for you to design, however, as the data fields are all within F41021, level break on GL Class code.



VIP Member
I too came across to see if there is any as of inventory reports available.
I guess, we cannot make one because the F41021 [Item Location File] is not designed to store dates.

But can we generate the balance from Item Ledger F4111?


Legendary Poster
Theoretically you can take today's on-hand balances and work backward using F4111.
In practice there will always be some level of inaccuracy due to the "wobble" factor:
Failed / partial transaction, sql updates to on hand, ...


Reputable Poster
Have a look at Item Ledger by GL Class Code Report
From manual....
Select As Of Processing (G4122), Item Ledger by GL Class Report.

Use the Item Ledger by GL Class Code report (R41541) to review the high-level totals of transactions for specific GL class and category codes. Each line of the report displays a GL classification code total for the fiscal year and period that you specify in the processing options.

The R41541 program creates the quantity and amounts for the fiscal periods that this program uses.

Note. It looks at As Of file as per your posting