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AS/400 sp14.2


Hello, List,
I am installing SP14.2 on my AS/400 machine this weekend. We have a live
environment and I am really concern about the package build afterwards.
Did anybody have any trouble with that?

Regards, Alexander Shevchenko

CNC administrator, AS400, B7332, SP10.1


Active Member

Take my advice and don't do it. I had all sorts of problems with 14.2 and
ended up taking it off. I would recommend going to SP15. The system has been
stable since I put that on over a month ago.


Graham Jones
JDE Systems Manager
0151 653 1700 ext 1109

B7332 SP15 / AS400 V4R4 (CO on AS400) / Fat clients NT4

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I strongly agree that you go SP15 instead of SP14.2 , we also experienced
may problems with 14.2

Plse also ensure that you check the KG for the latest updates for SP15 for
your environment.
A full server & client package "MUST" be built and deployed after installing


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I agree about 14.2 being i big?. From what I can get on the KG everything
after 11.3 up to 15 is a big ? on the AS/400. I waited till 15.1 with the
One-off I hear is doing okay. I have a SAR in 15.1 or I might even wait

AS/400 V4R5 Coexistent B7332.