AS/400 sp14.2 Need more details on problems


Hi folks,

Can you please describe or list the types of problems you have experienced
with SP14.2 for me. The most important modules for us include:
Distribution, Sales Order Management, Manufacturing (particularly MRP).
Have you experienced related to those applications above?

How different is the Tools? How big a learning curve would it be for
someone going from SP10.1.

Thank you

Mai Nguyen
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We were on SP13.3 full client packages were OK but I couldn't build full
server packages. JDE told me that SP14 and later resolved the issue but when
I put 14.2 on I got the problems. Firstly it took me ages to get the
OneWorld services to come up and when I did (after about 2 hours of trying)
I then set a full client and server package build going to test the issue I
was having. This was when I found that the client packages wouldn't build
let alone the server ones. At this point I gave up and reverted back to 13.3
and patiently waited for 15 to be released.

If you search back through the JDEList archives you will find a lot of
complaints about all of the series 14 service packs. A lot of people went
through a lot of pain with these so I stick by my advice to go to SP15 or
stay where you are. Good luck.


Graham Jones
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B7332 SP15 / AS400 V4R4 (CO on AS400) / Fat clients NT4

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