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How much (approximately) space the JDE Data Library takes ? I am trying to prepare disk size requirement for a second company setup (by copying the common/security/data libraries).
I did not get any document about this on JDEdwards site
Any information or link would be greatly appreciated.



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If you are talking about the default library installed during the JDE
install named JDFDATA, the size on our RISC machine is: JDFDATA


It Depends on how much data you have. Our production data base has 13 gig. Our test environment that has been pared down considerably has almost 6 gig. So much of it is because of the many logicals that are connected with the files.

AS/400 - 720 - V4R4


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According to a JDE workbook dated 3/98 the data Library size is 686.3 Mb. In comparison our pristine env. is 792.8 Mb. Adding the common and security libraries will consume another 362 Mb. Of course these numbers represent clean installs with minimal data and will change as you populate the files.

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