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AS/400 Enterprise O/S


We are getting ready to upgrade the O/S to V4R5, currently we are on V4R4. Are there any problems or negative reactions in OneWorld that I need prepare for?

Randy - CNC specialist
Enterprise AS/400-730 V4R4
Deployment NT 4.0 Sequel 7.0
Production & Prototype Xe @ SP14.2
With many ESU's


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Be sure you are aware of any ptf required for OneWorld to work with V4R5 and
remember do not forget client access as well.

Scott B. Whipple
Technical Consultant
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We are running V4R5 now with no issues related to the OS. We were a new XE install - not an upgrade. I do have some questions about the upgrade process as it appears that the 1W install alters base system objects like the QBATCH subsystem description.

PTF's are essential and there are some that are 1W specific and not on the Cume. KG has a list. If you find a KG document that lists all altered base OS objects I'd love to see it. Usual stuff with respect to QGPL, etc.

Kyle Savage
AS400, V4R5, XE, SP15


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We had one problem after we had upgrade to v4r5 coming from v4r4 and that was that the Oneworld Subsystem did not run anymore. We were in SP13 at that point and after upgrading to SP15 with several on-offs that oneworld subsystem worked fine again but we then had some other problems so tomorrow we go to sp15.1 with sp15.1_009.

V4R5 it self works fine

Richard Stam
CNC/System Administration
LIVE, B733.3 SP15, CO on AS400 Enterprise Server on V4R5 Citrix <100 users and some NT/W2K Clients


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Just did it and I did not have any trouble at all. Just remember to change
the INI file settings to the latest version and follow APAR II12445.