Archiving/Purging/Test Data


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We are trying to reduce the amount of data that we are keeping online plus find a way to reduce the file sizes in our non-production environments. After reviewing the other posts and looking at POOPURGE and the Euro whitepaper, it appears that this approach won't give us everything that we want. I'm currently reviewing a product called Extractor400 from The Original Software Group. I'm curious if anyone has had experience with this or other products of this type.


Doug Belcher
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We wrote the Purge/Archive process ourselves, due to JDE is very integrated
system, we had to ensure all related database were in sync.
If you have to go to third party, make a plan of all affected database,
call JDE to ensure you did not forget any.

Emad Banoub
Montgomery Watson Harza
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DBelcher <[email protected]> on 05/23/2001 08:27:37