AR Inbound Interface - Interoperability?


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Hi List/Forum,
This time the system is: XE
We have to create an AR Interface to a legacy system getting AR datas from it and uploading into OneWorld.
I have already created a GL interface with Table Conversion method in the past.
Now, I have quickly run through the Interoperabilty documentation and it seems to me as a good tool but I wasn't able to figure out that is there already a pre-made tool for AR Inbound in OW. I examined a bit the AR documentation too and have found a chapter in the Appendicies with the subject "Inbound EDI Lockbox Transactions" but I suppose that it isn't the appropriate one for us.

My questions are:
1.) Has anybody know about an existing solution for AR Inbound in OneWorld OW? If yes then has anybody used it already?
2.) What is your suggestions about to create the new AR interface as part of Interoperabilty or using my "old" frame UBE + Table Conversion method?

Any suggestion, tip, shared experiences, information will be greatly appreciated!

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Zoltan :

Yes, I suggest you to use DCOM interoperability.
Read COM.PDF on the \\Deployment\b733\interoperability directory.
You may use a standard WINNT Workstation 4.0 PC as your first Interop
Document is very accurate on how to setup an Interop server and client.
DCOM interop publishes BSFN to make them available to third party
DCOM compatible applications (typically Office VBA, MS VB, MS C++,
MS Java and other MS galore).
Take a look on the OL on what BSFN do apply to your module, publish them
on your Interop server, and you will be able to invoke them from your
third party applications.
There are very good demos and samples on DCOM Interop at Knowledge Garden

In case of doubt, email me.

Sebastian Sajaroff

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Fill up the F03B11Z1 and corresponding entries in F0911Z1 for this. Then
process with R03B11Z1I We load thousands a day with it.

I guess for tips...

I would say if you have >20k invoices you might break up via data selection
and process simultaneously.

Another tip is to use the interactive revision application for this to enter
some records, then inspect and then work your data to match or follow along
with the data that application produces. The documentation is useful, but
the real deal is ... well... the real deal.

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Mike Dupaix

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Table F03B11Z2 is used by the interoperability process for invoice creation. This is different than the 'EDI Inbound' transactions (F0313) that are used for cash receipt transactions. The Z2 table and process creates the GL entries for receivables and revenues based on GL class information and the AAI's. It is commonly used for automated legacy input and may need some coding to facilitate the accounting transactions/ GL class codes.

As for the processing, batch is still the best method as you can control and validate the input. I have not seen anyone create invoices interactively without major programming to ensure accuracy.

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At first, many thanks for all of your answers.
My real problem is not how to process/upload Z1 (Z2?) records into the Customer and Account ledger tables but is how to upload records from flat-file into the Z1 tables.


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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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Will a Table conversion work? I setup a TC to read a text file (a flat
file) off a windows drive, and depending on length, and location of data, I
was able to break it apart and load the F03b13z1 for automatic reciepts
(lock box). I had the whole thing run by a external scheduler, it first ran
a FTP script to get the data, then ran the runube command to run the TC,
then some dos commands to archive data. If you data will stay in a
consistant form, and is reliable then this should work.

Good luck


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Re: RE: AR Inbound Interface - Interoperability?

Hi AW,
I have already resolved a Table Conversion GL interface with succes under B7321, B7331, B7332, XE.
The TC uploads the flat file into a custom worktable and make a few preprocess.
I used a frame UBE (not TC) to controll the whole process including calling the TC, converting to Numeric and Date, reporting all errors and statisticaal counters, uploading from the worktables. This UBE has several PRoc Options (e.g. Proof/Final).

I have already discussed it on the Developres Forum and described my method detailed. It was a chat between Adrian Chimirel and me. Am I right Adrian?
This time I haven't time to identify this thread(s) for you because today will closely tomorrow here in Hungary.
Adrian, can you send the identification informations about the mentioned threads to make possibly for the others to find them easier with Search on the wonderful Forum ( Thanks.

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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Re: RE: AR Inbound Interface - Interoperability?

But of course!
Look for "Table Conversion..!!" and its replies,
on the Developers Forum,
for a Datre range Newer than 1 month!
You're very welcome, my friend.

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