AR Inbound Interface - Interoperability?



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Hi List/Forum,
This time the system is: XE
We have to create an AR Interface to a legacy system getting AR datas from it and uploading into OneWorld.
I have already created a GL interface with Table Conversion method in the past.
Now, I have quickly run through the Interoperabilty documentation and it seems to me as a good tool but I wasn't able to figure out that is there already a pre-made tool for AR Inbound in OW. I examined a bit the AR documentation too and have found a chapter in the Appendicies with the subject "Inbound EDI Lockbox Transactions" but I suppose that it isn't the appropriate one for us.

My questions are:
1.) Has anybody know about an existing solution for AR Inbound in OneWorld OW? If yes then has anybody used it already?
2.) What is your suggestions about to create the new AR interface as part of Interoperabilty or using my "old" frame UBE + Table Conversion method?

Any suggestion, tip, shared experiences, information will be greatly appreciated!

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)

Look for a menu under A/R entitled "Batch Processing". There is a program
called either R04110Z (B7332 or later) or R04110Z2 (B7321 or earlier).

These programs work off of the F0411Z1 and F0911Z1 tables. I have a client
who is successfully live on B7321 and using the R04110Z2 on a daily basis
for a large number of transactions. The same client is ready to go line
with B7332, and we have done extensive testing with the R04110Z program.

Drew Reilly, CPIM
Reilly Consulting Corporation
Sorry, Zoltan. I replied for A/P, didn't I? I hadn't had my coffee yet.

The program for A/R inbound is called R03B11Z1, and it acts off of the
F03B11Z1 and F0911Z1 tables.

The same client I mentioned before is also using this product, and it works
as smoothly as the A/P version.

Drew Reilly, CPIM
Reilly Consulting Corporation
Re: RE: AR Inbound Interface - Interoperability?

Hi Drew,
My real problem is not how to process/upload Z1 records into the Customer and Account ledger tables but is how to upload records from flat-file into the Z1 tables.
Thanks for your answer in any case,

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)
RE: RE: AR Inbound Interface - Interoperability?

Hi Zoltan
For what it's worth....:)

For a daily invoice interface we are busy doing final testing on the
following solution:

* Daily invoices come from our Legacy systems to OW.
* In OW we run a daily job to upload these invoices into a Y-table.
This Y-table (F5603B11) is a duplicate of F03B11Z1. To get the records from
the flat file into the Y-table we run a table conversion - mapping the
fields from the flat file to the Y-table fields. At this point our
cross-references have already been done and the data is in the correct
* We then run a validation program on the Y-table to check the AN8 for
the customer reference on the invoice. The xref is manually maintained on
the Legacy systems and there is always a chance that there could be a
* If there is a problem with the AN8 then we flag the record to not
transfer to the Z-table (once it is in the Z-table, the users have to delete
and re-add the invoice to correct it =- you cannot change AN8 with the
Z-table interactive program).
* We provided the users with an interactive program to correct some of
the data on the Y-table (in particular the data they cannot correct using
* After the validation program we run a UBE to transfer the data from
the F5603B11 table to F03B11Z1, F0911Z1 and F0911Z1T.
* Then we use the standard JDE UBE's to transfer the records out of
the Z-table.
* All of this will be handled daily by the Scheduler.
We are using the same programs to convert the open invoices.

Not sure if this is what you wanted to know...
Take care