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Due to large reports being run on our enterprise server (quad p3/550), we
are encountering some performance issues. I would like to explore the
possibility of adding a logic/application server. Has anyone implemented an
logic/application server to their enterprise?
We have had some issues with JDE lately, and my manager would feel much
more comfortable if we knew others had done this before I attempt to make
any changes to a live system.

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it should not take much more then 2 days for a good tech consultant to do the job. I would suggest to use the same platform as your Enterprise Server (don´t have to).

I have done this many times and it´s a good solution. The only thing is that you have an extra box to take care of.

Good luck, Gerd

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John :

I've already installed NT/SQL Application Servers from B7321 to Xe,
they do run fine and they're not so difficult to install.
If you map OCM appropiately, Application Servers may improve your
performance a lot.
In case of doubt, email-me.


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I have recently implemented an application server and it wasn't too bad. I
did run into some problems but I was able to work through them with response
line. Take a look at the section about adding a server to an existing
configuration in the Xe install or upgrade manuals. If you have any other
questions feel free to contact me directly.

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