API "jdeRetrieveDataPtr" not returning all values from F4211


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Hi everyone,

I am trying retrieve values from P4210 Sales Order entry screen in my custom "C" BSFN using API "jdeRetrieveDataPtr" ( lpdsF4211 = (LPF4211)jdeRetrieveDataPtr(dsInternal.hUser, lpDS->idF4211RowPtr) and I see many values returned except few fields like SDVEND that I need for my functionality. Anyone has idea how to get all fields from sales order entry using "jdeRetrieveDataPtr" API?



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This is basically a duplicate post. I responded in an old thread that you also posted to so look at that. Start by determining what is setting the value you are using in idF4211RowPtr. I hate to make assumptions since you don't provide very many details but you may have a misunderstanding on how these APIs work.


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I think the way to figure this out is start with EditLine. Make sure the vendor is being passed. Once that is confirmed, debug the function and follow the data structure that is ultimately passed to the advanced pricing custom function. It's possible some parms from EditLine are not loaded into that structure until after pricing runs.