API AddSubsystemRecord Error


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I have created a custom subsystem job and it has successfully launched into
a mutli-threaded queue. In addition, I have created a BSFN that uses the
API AddSubsystemRecord to add a record into F986113. However, this is where
things fail. I am unable to add records to the file using the API.

In the JDEDEBUG.LOG I receive the following entries:

UBE--SS:Call to api ubeReport_AddSubsystemRecord for R554600, XJDE0001.
UBE--SS:Adding subsystem R554600, XJDE0001 on ( omap selected ) server

However, I don't receive the following entry:
UBE--SS:NET Message Sent for Subsytem.

In the JDE.LOG I receive the following entries:

Adding Subsystem Record for R554600, XJDE0001 on OWENT

UBE0000050 - Subsytem Record could not be submitted on OWENT.

When I should only receive the first entry.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


7332 SP 11.3 NT SQL 7.0