AP Checks Consuming Payment Number for Overflow Stub


When printing AP checks, if there are more detail lines than allowed on a stub, multiple pages will print with the live check being on the last page and void checks on the previous pages. Each page consumes a payment number. This leaves payment number gaps in the Supplier Payment Ledger. I believe it was designed this way to accommodate for check stock where the check numbers are preprinted. However, we do not use that type of check stock. We print the check number that is assigned. Is there a setup option that would print the same check number on all pages related to the same payment and eliminate the gaps? Or has anyone made a customization for this?
Have you set the processing option in the R04570 to print attachments?
We have the PO for attachments set to blank. We don't want the attachments as a separate job. We want them to print on the check stock as they do now, we just don't want each page to get it's own check number - only the page with the actual live check.
I found a doc in the Oracle KG stating that it is working as designed with no plans to enhance (see below) so I guess my real question is has anyone made a customization so that it won't consume the extra check numbers?

E1: 04: Troubleshooting Printing Automatic Payments Within EnterpriseOne Accounts Payable (R04572) ( Doc ID 2018440.1 )

Question 3: When printing a check with more than ten lines of detail, why does the first page (VOID) have a different check number than the second page?

Answer 3: The maximum number of line items for a check R04572 is 10. If a payment has more than 10 lines and the Create Payment Control Group (R04570) processing option to print Attachments (R04573) is not set up, the system prints the first 10 lines on the first check, and the remaining lines on the subsequent check number.

Because all the information is printed on check stock, the system is using actual check numbers. This is functioning as design. Presently there are no plans to enhance the application.
You might want to test the PO setting for attachments and adjust the lines per stub setting in the bank account setup and I believe it will print the stub information on the check stock and ONLY advance the next check number for the actual check payment.
Will doing that collate the attachments with the corresponding checks or will all checks be grouped together then all attachments be grouped together? Currently the live check and additional stubs are printed together, so if it will sort differently I'll have to get buy in from the AP department.
I tested out the attachment option. It's a different UBE so it will not be collated, but our AP department had also inquired about printing overflow on plain paper instead of check stock so this may actually work for them. Thanks for leading me in the right direction.
Yes that should work and that is the conventional method to which I referred. Good luck!