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AP Check spacing BI Pub


I'm using the AP Check R04572 as my first BIP project. All is well, except after page one all of the output is moved down about 1/2 inch. It seems simple but I'm struggling to find a solution. So the first check in a batch is lined up perfectly, all subsequent checks are 1/2" too low.
I appreciate any suggestions.

JDE 9.1 tools
Windows 2008 R2
SQL 2008 R2


Hi Marshall,
Can you check if there is any blank page header created..? I had these issues(not with BIP but with some other reporting tools) but the main reason would be to do with some blank section's, which would move the output further down after the first page.




Have a look at the below note on one of the documents on Oracle support [ID 1066756.1], if it helps you...

What controls how new lines are added to the report output?
Answer : Any blank line that appears in the template will also appear in the report output. This behavior is exacerbated when executing loops. For instance, the following template snippet will add a new line above and below the string:

This is a test
<?end for-each?>

To print the string on its own line without an extra empty line above or below it re-write the template to:

<?for-each:TagID?>This is a test<?end for-each?>

Additionally if you want to the string to appear all on the same line you can re-write the template to:

<?for-each@inlines:TagID?>This is a test<?end for-each?>

Hi Marchall,

We are having this exact issue on the same E1 release. Did you solve it and can you let me know how.