AP Check Print on Last Page only?


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Hello All,

I am kind of stuck with the AP check Prints using embedded BI Publisher - I know many have already done this on this forum.

JDE PDF generates
1. Stubs with void checks on the first few pages ie if there is an overflow of stub details > 33 lines
2. Stubs with a true check is printed only on the Last Page of the PDF

How do I make the BI Publisher template act the same

Here's what I have tried so far
1. Created a subtemplate (called it CheckPrint)
2. Called the subtemplate on the Footer of the first page of the BI template doc
3. It creates the first void check on all the pages via BIP (that is the void check that shows on Stub 1 of N on the JDE PDF).

How do I make it print the check which is on its corresponding stub no on the JDE PDF ?

Is there any way I can condition it or pass parameters to the subtemplates?

FYI - I am using Embedded BI Publisher. Any help will be greatly appreciated .


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I got most part working.

1. One Check print with One Stub - works good

2. Once Check print with Multiple Stubs - works good

3. Multiple Checks with One Stub each - does not page break .

Not sure why my Split by Page break before the End of Each is not working? I have been trying to get that to work for a long time now but it just doesn't like it for some reason.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.


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Jileto ,

With Oracle's help - had to put in a series of coding on the template to get this to work the way we want. - alls well that ends well.

thanks thou.