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I know there is a way but I am not 100% sure how to resolve

We have 2 problems with the check stubs & what spills over as a Payment Attachment:

1. On a PO match it’s printing a line for every item on the PO but there’s nothing labeled to indicate that’s what it’s doing; this is a problem both for us and the vendor. There should on be one line per invoice number.
2. When it does print an attachment, the number of lines per page is too low – it’s leaving several inches blank at the bottom of each page and creating lots of pages. The number of lines per page needs to be adjust to fill a page.

I am almost certain #1 can be resolved by summation and #2 is a configuration issue. Help on where.

And, no, we are not looking to do ACH payments (I asked during the migration from World to E1 9.2
I believe for 2. you are looking for P0030G which is where you define your bank accounts. There is a Detail Lines per Stub field in the settings for each account.
Thanks. I found that but it is only for the main check. However, the issue is with the attachment (over 25 pay lines)
On #1. I will have to research what they put in the Remarks field (I am assuming F0411)
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AP Said the #1 change is good and they will increase the number of lines on the stub
The only other change will be to the BI Publisher template to put the total line always at the bottom