Anyone using 8.10 on Windows 2008?


We are on 8.10 SP 8.96 and are being asked to upgrade from Windows 2003 to 2008, but 2008 is not certified by Oracle for 8.10. Are any 8.10 clients on 2008; if so, 2 questions:

1. What C++ compiler are you using?
2. What version of Websphere or Weblogix are you using?


David Robertson

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We were on 8.10 TR 8.94, running Websphere 4.0 I think, and upgraded to VM Windows Server 2008r2 on all our servers without any issues.
The compiler was the old version of Visual Studio that I had copied to the deployment server, 2005 I think. This was a bit of a pain to install, but works OK if you copy the install folder locally rather than run it from a remote folder.