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Anyobdy using ACOM Solutions with JDE World 7.3?

Rich P

We're using Acom EZeDocs on World 7.3 and are having our share of pains with the way it integrates with JDE DREAM Writers and iSeries out queues.

ACOM monitors a defined output queue which needs to be set up in their software. If the JDE DW version does not have an output queue override, the output will go to the users default output queue. This would force us to define each output queue on our iSeries in Acom software.

Acom's software does not check the status of the spool file in the output queue, and it will automatically print it regardless if the spool file status is on "hold" or not. After it prints, Acom moves the spool file to another output queue (so it doesn't print again).

If anybody is using Acom with JDE, this will probably make more sense than to others not using it.

Thoughts? Solutions??
Hi Rich! This is Angela, the Product Manager at ACOM. Have you tried working with our Technical Support team on this to see if we might be able to help with a "work around?" I can tell you that there is an enhancement request in my list to look at only the status of RLS, but it hasn't been asked for in quite some time. I'll see what I can do about getting someone on my development team to get an estimate on effort for that. In the mean time, please feel free to contact me directly or you can contact our support team at 400support@acom.com . Angela