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Any iSeries 'sneaky' ways to save as Transform Spooled File as PDF?


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I'm looking for a shortcut / cheater-way - to save a Transform File as a PDF.

Short Story:
We have a very ugly iSeries Transform Processor - that we do not want to touch (simply, it's working and we don't want to "fix" what is working)....
We'd like to capture what being to a printer, and save that info as a PDF.

Yeah - I see the puzzled looks.... I'm just looking for a short solution, if anyone knows a shortcut or cheat...

iSeries to Windows Server specific.



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Just a couple of questions...

(1) What version of iSeries are you running?

(2) Does this "transform processor" generate output directly to a print queue? If so, what is the format? (PRTF with embedded AFPDS, MODCA, etc.)

If the moon is right (1) and all of the ducks are lined up (2)...you might be able to do this natively :)

But don't hold your breath for a native solution ;-)


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If there's already Transform code that sends output to a printer, you should be able to, in parallel, stream the same stuff being sent to the printer to a PDF file.