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Any good SQL Server Consultants you recommend?


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Hello All,

We are seeing an increase in resource wait times such as Logging, Lock, Network I/O on our SQL Server database server. I handle CNC/DBA roles here amid several other tasks. I have a good understanding of SQL Server Architecture, but when you start looking at performance metrics I get in pretty deep pretty quickly. My initial research looking at disk latency didn't seem to indicate an obvious problem. I know that smaller issues in various points can add up to a noticeable performance impact. I am looking for an expert to come in and help us assess the situation and plan a resolution. It is quite daunting to search for a good partner, so I thought of coming here.

We are E1 9.1, TR All servers are Windows 2008 R2 on VMware. The database is SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1. Our JDE implementation is very straightforward with PD on separate servers from PY/DV at all levels. We do have several integrations including shipping, picking/receiving and web/ecommerce.

So, I would be looking for someone who can assess the entire Production SQL Server, not just JDE transaction performance, and have at least some familiarity with VMware to help identify improvements to be made.

Any recommendations you would have would be greatly appreciated.



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Thanks, Jon. I have mentioned your reply to my manager, but we are both quite busy today. I will get back to you as we progress.