Any Amazon Vendors out there?


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We are in the early stages of becoming an Amazon vendor. There is a field called Amazon Reference Number that, I think, might be at the shipment level.

We don't use Transportation. We're starting to think about where we'll store this number. There will likely be custom development needed to write and read this number.

I'm wondering if there are any other Amazon vendors out there who have figured out a good field for storing this number.
How big is it?

We have an external system for web orders that we then use a backflush type thing to create one big SO of the individual we orders/day.

I wanted to use F4217 as that is the shipment reference numbers table, but don't all SOs get a new SHPN # when they reach a certain NXTR anyway?
I wish I knew more about this field. We won't have access to the specifications until we sign on the dotted line (which will be any day now). Right now, we only have general information. Senior management thinks we will be able to get this rolling before the end of the year. Our last workday this year is 12/23, so we'll see. Seems like a long-shot. Just trying to gather as much information as possible right now, so IT dept. will be as ready as possible.

The example they show on their website (just googling "amazon reference number") is 40I18W2I.

Amazon will be stocking our product in their distribution centers and fulfilling the orders from Amazon customers. So we will only ever be shipping to Amazon DCs.

I'll check out the F4217, keeping your concern in mind.

Thank you!
We have been shipping to Amazon DCs for over a year. I am going to tell you our process, but there may be differences. For example, we are a collect vendor not prepaid. This means Amazon pays the freight, so when we have the shipment packed and ready to go, we have to submit a routing request to them. They generate and return a routing for the shipment which includes the ARN which they expect to see on the ASN. We do not currently store this number in JDE. We handle this process manually by entering the request on their website and they reply with an email. Our EDI software is pretty easy to use, so it hasn't been hard for shipping to copy the ARN from the email to the ASN. They do offer EDI 753 and 754 documents, however, I don't believe JDE has built in processes for those transactions.

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Thanks, Jer. This is really helpful. We are likely not going to have all the EDI in place by the time management wants to go live, so we are curious about how much can be done via their portal.

I'm curious to know what kind of EDI software you use?
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Their portal is actually very powerful and useful once you get the hang of it. I believe you can do everything you need to do with them regarding orders. They will send you an email that a PO is ready, you confirm the PO telling them qty ship/cancel/backorder, you create a shipment, they send you a routing number, you create an ASN, you create an invoice. You can do all of this through EDI, but it looks to me like you can do it through their site as well.

We use software called Transaction Manager by HighJump. It is a fairly basic package that looks/feels like Outlook making it very easy for business users to handle all the daily processes. The service and support are very good and their network is very reliable. They costs are very competitive. They aren't tightly integrated to JDE, so you have to handle some aspects of integration from JDE into their format, but you primarily do that once and then their software handles translating to each trading partner. Of course, there will be cases where a trading partner has some unique requirement you haven't seen before.

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