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Any A/R Statements Experts Out There?


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User (Finance / CFO) wants to be able to rerun statements at any time given a "As Of Date". Fine so far. This issue is that the Statements subsystem doesn't appear to really support reproducing / reprinting a old statement exactly. Specifically the summary and detail shows up under the Previous Balance column rather than what should be current or new invoices column.

I've determined that the Statement "Reset" feature allows resetting or wiping out statement data in the detail for the last run statement which allows re-running / reprinting the last statement (and only the last run statement) to include any adjustments, etc. But going back and reprinting older statements with numbers in the correct columns doesn't seem to be an option.

Is there a way to reprint a older statement for a customer as of a specific date with the numbers in the columns they should be for that date?

Thanks for your review of my issue.

Mike Mackinnon

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Can't you just use the Review Statements option (P03B202)?

We generally blow away the statements (R03B5010) prior to monthly running of AR statements (300+) and also use BI Publisher to print the statements.
We then run new statements and print/email them to our customers.

Maybe create a custom version of R03B525 to run on-demand for a specific customer where the user plugs in aging and data selection for customer??
You may need to urge out old entries for this customer prior to re-running this.