Antivirus, recommendation to use with OW


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Does someone knows a recommendation from JDEdwards to use
a specific antivirus software.
The package builds process hangs with some of them.
I found a call where JDEdwards saids that Mcafee is OK.
Any documentation on this matter ?



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JDE's attitude to Antivirus is simply "suck it and see". Although I have
heard from others that McAfee seems to be OK when using JDE

In the past I have experience Network Assocaites causing compression part of
the build to fail



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Re: RE: Antivirus, recommendation to use with OW

It really shouldn't matter which AV you are using ~ as long as you can disable it during the build process.

Any software that checks files on-open and on-write events (like AV software should) will get in the way of your builds.

Scan the Hades out of your machine before the build.
Don't let anything have access to your file system.
Turn off your AntiVirus Services.
Build your package... (prayer is assumed).
Turn ON your AntiVirus Services.
... deploy...

You don't want AV stealing bandwidth to the processor or slowing IO during the build...


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