Annoying behaviour of Header/Detail form in ER Debugger



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Hi JDEList,

One of my developer clleauge faced this issue recently, what I haven' noticed up to know.

Platform: XE SP23
Application: P4210 Sales Order
Form: W4210A Sales Order Detail Revisions

As all of us very well know, this form is a Header/Detail form.

He debugged the application and would like to display some BC fields at a break point in the Write Grid Line-Before event.

He wasn't able to locate BC Last Status, BC Next Status columns exploding the variable tree in the ER Debugger.

I checked his scenario closer and noticed, that ONLY the Header BSVW columns are available in the debugger, the columns in the Detail BSVW are not accessible anyway.

Is it a known issue?
Does anybody else faced this issue?
Is there any way to make available the columns of the Detail BSVW in ER Debugger?

All of your answer will be appreciated.


hi zoltan, i just tried it (on 8.12 demo), and you're right: i can't see de f4211-bc-values either. that's interesting. i had never noticed that before. just took a look on metalink, and the only one i could find was this old one:

Bug 2939791: 2nd Bus View not in Debugger
Status: 04-Returned-Redesign not Planned.

(they say "header less detail" in the text, but i guess they mean "header detail").