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And another free* software solution ;-)


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eXtreme Table Browser

eXtreme Table Browser is a simple, yet very powerful JDE data browser.

The best of breed solution - a truly profound improvement on the standard UTB in a number of different important ways:

1) Two connectivity modes: JDE Fat or essentially client-less Thin XML Client;

2) Access JDE Table or View data;

3) JDE security is enforced throughout;

4) Grouping, sorting and aggregating on the fly;

5) Data export into a few flat file formats;

6) Built-in reporting capabilities;

7) Extensive choice of skins;

8) Built-in help facility;

9) Translated GUI - many languages supported;

10) Short/Long column headers;

11) UDC Descriptions;

12) Table/View Structure report;

13) Grid or Card view;

14) Practically no configuration is necessary.

<font color="red">Nothing can be easier!</font>

This software supports most JDE releases - XE - E900.

*) This software will run as freeware on standalone computers (in Microsoft terminology, that is: on computers, which do not belong to any Windows Domains), while in corporate environments with Windows Domains, it will automatically initiate a free time limited trial unless already licensed. Download and give it a try - you will be pleasantly surprised!

If you wish to have this software translated into any other language, or would like to suggest a better translation, please contact us.