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All ESU's Failing on Spec Merg


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All ESU\'s Failing on Spec Merg

Hello Everyone,

For some reason any esu that I try to apply fails when merging spec. =
Now this was working fine a week ago. I had installed all the pre-reqs =
and Update 1 last weeks.

Has anyone else run into this issue...


OneWorld Xe
SP15 with all the One-Offs=20
Win2k deployment and enterprise.


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Re: All ESU\'s Failing on Spec Merg

I'm sorry to tell that this is one of the reasons why we never install ESUs with MERGE.

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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RE: All ESU\'s Failing on Spec Merg

I'd check the event viewer on the enterprise server.
We discovered that one of the database log files
had filled up and wouldn't let anything else add.

Also check the SQL Enterprise manager, Database, Space Allocated.

Hope this helps.
Wade Wells


RE: All ESU\'s Failing on Spec Merg

We ran into the same problem yesterday. JDE says there is a known problem
with SP15 that produces this. However, SP15_006 should have fixed it. We
applied 006 as we were supposed to for SP15, but the problem came along
anyway. JDE has taken 006 away and now has SP15_010. We are going to try
that one tomorrow.

Hope this helps.

Richard O'Malley
Xe, SP15 (002,006,007)
SQL 2000


RE: All ESU\'s Failing on Spec Merg

I have applied SP15_006 and SP15_010. Still cannot complete spec merge.
Fails with mysterious 'failed to copy b0100028' message. Please let me know
if 010 works for you.

Tom Mitchell
Xe, SP15
AS400, SQL 7, NT 4.0


Re: RE: All ESU\'s Failing on Spec Merg

We applied SP15_010 today. Afterward, ESUs went on like a champ. Before, we were getting the descriptive 'memory violation' - no mention of failure to copy objects.

Good luck!


Xe SP15
SQL 2000