AIS and Branch Plant security - User IDs


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Hi List,

Can AIS sign on into E1 as different users?

I've been asked to look at opening up a way of allowing some of our customer to cancel orders externally. So we currently have java portal which our customers log into, so I'll put the AIS call in there.

How do ensure customer A cannot see customer B orders?
How do I ensure that customer A can only see orders in their branch?

I appreciate this question is a bit high level as I not listing an actual APPL, I just want to discuss the principle for now.

Can this be done in AIS at all, or does the control of that security need to be moved to the java platform (version to call) or back into the E1 screen?




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One possible solution:

Associate their java user (non jde I assume) with a sold to and branch plant. When making the AIS call add both to the form control variables(531 and 7 ) on form W4210E for example.


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Thanks for the reply.
Yeah this will be a non JDE USER.
If I can find a way of signing them on as a JDE USER based on a lookup on their non JDE User that would be cool. As then Row Security will kick in anyway

What you suggest would be great 'for that form' but this maybe extended to other APPLs, so I was hoping for a more generic approach to cover any form. But yeah, what you've said would work :)