After Full Pacjkage deployment, some UBE can not create correctly cache file


E1 9.2

After full Pacjkage deployment, METADATA kernel could not create correctly cache file on this directory :

where XXXX is batch name.

We have 3 servers, 1 for developpement pathcodes (Pristine PS920, Developpment DV920, Prototype PY920) and 2 for production (Sheduler serveur and the last for other UBE, launched by users).
Problem occurs on all servers.

UBE concerned have distinct problems, linked to witch spec files is KO ( UBE stop before to do something, don't use data selection (and treated all row in imput tables, UBE with BIP have all tags named "undetermined"...).

Delete the directory XXXX (/app/jdedwards/e920/PD920/spec/runtimeCache/XXXXX) solved the prblem, but when we can resolve the problem, is to late...

Log :
54923 Sat Feb 17 06:57:57.784084 ipcmisc.c355
process 54923 <jdenet_k> registered in entry 12

54923 Sat Feb 17 06:57:57.795513 netcfg.c297
Starting Kernel of Type:METADATA KERNEL

54923 Sat Feb 17 06:57:58.751423 ServerDispatch.cpp267

54923/-174967040 SYS:Metadata Sat Feb 17 06:57:59.116880 ServerDispatch.cpp344
KNT0000999 - Metadata Kernel Thread Pool Setting: size 50, increment 5

54923/-174967040 SYS:Metadata Sat Feb 17 23:00:11.586605 dbperfrq.c471
OCI0000178 - Unable to execute - SELECT COUNT(*) FROM SY920.F988259 WHERE ( DBIPADD = :KEY1 AND DBPORTNUM = :KEY2 AND DBQUSTA = :KEY3 )

54923/-174967040 SYS:Metadata Sat Feb 17 23:00:11.586805 dbperfrq.c477
OCI0000179 - Error - ORA-01460: demande d'une conversion non implementee ou irrealiste

54923/-174967040 SYS:Metadata Sat Feb 17 23:00:11.586885 jdb_drvm.c1005
JDB9900401 - Failed to execute db request

54923/-318698688 WRK:Metadata job 26781 Sat Feb 17 23:00:11.587277 dbfetch.c163
OCI0000056 - Unable to fetch - SELECT * FROM PD920.F98760PD180217F WHERE ( RTOBNM = :KEY1 AND RTVERS = :KEY