Advanced Variable Numerator - P09123 UDC Error - H96|IL



When I am trying to create Order through Advanced Variable Numerator Interactive screen, I am getting below error:

'20' not found in UDC H96|IL

There is a Hidden DD Item ‘FCTY’ having Default Value is ‘20’ and the value is not in UDC H96|IL. When I try to add 20 in the UDC, It is not letting me make a change to add “20” which the program is looking for it. Then I have checked the UDC Code and the length of the Code is only '1'. It seems like a JDE application bug;

do anybody have any experience the same issue. Thanks.



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I Cannot see the Error message properly in your Screenshot, i have worked on this applicaiton and done with complete process without any issue.
let me know incase u are having any issues here.
The code length for IL = 10. But it appears that you are receiving an incorrect error message. Also verify UDC 09 / RQ.
The Century (data dictionary item CTRY) field is determined by the default values defined for the Century Change Year (data dictionary item CENTCHG) and Century Cut Off Year (data dictionary item DCYR) in the Data Dictionary.

The resolution is to change the default value of these fields to a higher number. Because the current default is 10, years 00-10 use Century (CTRY) 20. Anything above 10 displays a Century (CTRY) of 19. To cover years through 2015, the defaults need to be changed to at least 15. Be careful in updating these data dictionary items and make sure that every workstation is updated properly with the new values.

There are two ways to deploy the change to a workstation.
1. Delete the following six files from B7 > PY7333 > Spec folder:

dddict.ddb dddict.xdb
ddtext.ddb ddtext.xdb
glbltbl.ddb glbltbl.xdb
Hi Chirag, thanks for your reply..
Please find the attached screen shot with Error Msg. '20' Not found in User defined Code H96|IL..the Hidden Field FCTY Data Item having the default value '20' and UDC H96|IL attached to it in DD item properties. Only think I have to add the '20' value in UDC H96|IL but the value for IL ='1' and can't add two digits value in that. Please let me know if you need any more details on it. Thanks.


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Thanks for your reply. Please find the below screen shot with Error Code. DD Item ‘FCTY’ having Default Value is ‘20’ and UDC H96IL attached to it. I verified the UDC IL Code length is 1 and we can't add two digits value in that i.e., 20 value.
Hi RSV, thanks for your response.

I just check the code length for IL in Production and its '1' not '10'. Please see the below screen shot for the same. I am getting the UDC Code error is on 'FCTY' data dictionary which is used in the P09123 - Source/Basis Tab.

Could you please help me on this. Thanks.
I cannot locate and H96/IL but there is a 99/IL with a code length = 3 and a 00/IL with a code length 2. Could someone have added H96/IL in your environment in error?

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