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Advanced Stock Valuation


We are considering using the Advanced Stock Valuation module in Xe to replace some custom code that we have developed in Order Entry. Is anyone out there using the Advanced Stock Valuation module? If so, what kind of problems, successes would you like to share?

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Are you doing LIFO, FIFO, or Average Cost? Stock valuation basically
extracts data from the Item Ledger into some Stock Valuation files, and it
calculates the period Cost of Goods sold according to your chosen valuation
method. Then it generates a journal entry to adjust the Inventory and Cost
of Goods sold accounts. It does not update your item/branch cost, or update
the cost on sales orders that have been processed.

Its a better solution than using lot numbers purely for the financial
purpose of doing LIFO or FIFO transactions. A few clients are using it,
mostly in the Energy/Chemical arena.

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