Advanced Query - Problem with required filter criteria


I'm trying to create an advanced query for a watchlist that tells me when an item has an on-hand balance in a primary location.
Using the application P41273, Form W41273A. One View Item Location Trace.

The query uses primary location QBE, Class Code QBE, and Quantity on hand QBE, in addition to Document Company. Document company is on the header of this form, and it's a required field. The problem is that, even though I have it included in the query, and set to a company number, I'm getting an error saying "Required filter criteria not entered", and it's highlighting that field on the form header.

It kills my watchlist, since the query won't return any value unless i go in and manually populate that form header, despite the fact that it's included in the query.

Does anyone know why this would be?



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Marcia HR

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Since the company number can be defaulted in with a processing option, as a work around, I would setup a special version to run your query and worklist against that defaults that value in from the processing option.