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Hi List,
Does anybody have a suggestion on how to create a Price Book from Advanced
Pricing? The vanilla Dreamwriter only pulls Base Price and it doesn't look
at the calculations from Advanced Pricing. I tried a World Writer and it is
just doesn't work properly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Good luck! This has been on everyone's wish list for years. The current
Price Book report simply reports everything
that is setup in Pricing but doesn't print a report of total prices by
customer or customer group per item. If you are using
advanced pricing then all it does is report price components.

Here's what I've seen other clients do:

1. Write a program that reads the address book and the item master and
creates Z file (F4001Z and F4011Z) records for every possible combination.
Or setup dummy customer numbers to represent your customer groups and create
the Z files.

2. Run batch order creation and create dummy quote orders. (R40211Z) This
will evaluate all the prices and drop them nicely into the Sales Order
Detail file.

3. Modify Invoice Print to print the results in the format you want. Run
Invoice print and close these orders by setting the order activity rules to
bump the status for this order type to 999.

I'd be interested in hearing what others have done in this area, and if
anyone at JDE can tell us if there are plans to do a Price Book report in a
future release.

Andy Klee

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Re: RE: Advanced Pricing Report

If you are looking for a listing of prices that would go to a specific customer type I would utilize the Import/Export option. Enter a dummy order with the customer number being one set up with the adjustment schedule and customer price group you want to represent. Import a list of the products that you want to include in the "Price Book" to the Sales Order details, reprice the order and then export the unit price column back to the general product list.