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Advanced Pricing Fun & Games


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From: James Halligan <James_Halligan@srl.ie>
To: jdelistml@jdelist.com,
Subject: Advanced Pricing Fun & Games
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 20:26:36 -0000

Anybody familiar with the repricing UBE R42750, the file
F4074 Adjustments
and the flags set on F4211 re advanced pricing may be
able to help me.

What follows is a detailed explanation of our situation
which is summarised
by the following questions

What updates take place on F4201 and F4201 to tell you a
order has adv
pricing adjustments ?
What updates take place when you use R42750 , the
repricing UBE ?
What are the implications in using the form exit "Check
Price" in P4210 (I
have had mixed results!!)

Using advanced pricing with P4210 Sales Order Entry has
proven too
cumbersome for the everyday users (too slow basically).
We have switched it
off for the sales order entry clerks by setting up an
OCM mapping for these
users where the constant on F4009 has advanced pricing
switched off.

When we enter orders in this manner, the adjustment
schedule is missing, but
a entry per sales order entry line is created in F4074

Overnight , I run a UBE to assign the adjustment
When I run the re-pricing UBE , it creates the
additional adj lines in F4074
and updates price adj indicator on F4211 with a 1 or 2
depending on the type
of adjustment

Can anyone see a flaw in the plan ?

I have seen values of '8' in the field price adj
indicator & I am bit
worried about the "Check Price" functionality on P4210.

The repricing UBE R42750 also seems to give me spurious
If re- pricing has already been priced correctly, an
error appears on the
report (telling me to check the work center - no
messages of course)
Anybody have experiences with this UBE (good or bad)



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