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Advanced pricing based on SDVEND (vendor code in SO)

Hi List, is it possible to setup the advanced pricing adjustments to price the SO based on the Vendor code mentioned in the SDVEND column on the SO line? This is because our sales team wants to price the same item sold to the same customer differently based on the source from where we purchased the stock.

Best regards
As far as I know you can't do that with standard JDE. I have had to do similar and I used basis code '8' (User Program). If you search this forum you should find enough info to get you going. Basically, you call a BSFN that has a pointer to the F4211 fields, then you can use data in the F4211 in your logic within the BSFN.

In fact, with another couple of lines of code you can pass the Current Net Price (as-is only the original price is passed to the function), and factor value from the Detail adjustment line into the function and at that point you can do anything you want.

Thanks a lot aaron, now atleast i have a direction to proceed once our sales guys confirm the new requirement. Will be in touch once this happens. Thanks again.


Hi Shrikanth,

Is this worked for you? I am trying to develop a new BSFN to get price adjustment from custom table based on F4211.SDVEND field, but F4211 Row Pointer did not get the value for SDVEND field from Cache even though I did enter the same during order entry. All other field values are good.

E1: 9.2