Advanced Pricing and F4201.SHTRDC "Trade Discount" field


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Hi JDElist,

I noticed when F4201.SHTRDC "Trade Discount" field is used this is bypassing / overriding Advanced Pricing logic (no matter of "Pricing Constants" setup).
Essentially we have F4211.SDAEXP "Extended Price" recalculated by using "List Price" (LPRC) minus "Trade Discount", as a consequence we are going to book in GL "Net Revenue" instead of "Gross Revenue" (that's the normal process when F4074 table is used to keep track of any price adjustment).

Do you know a way to handle such a kind of issue ?
Do you agree it may be risky to leave users playing with TRDC field at SO header level resulting in inaccurate booking in GL ?

Thanks for your feedback on present subject.

E1 9.2.4.x