Advanced Preferences - Customer Freight


Hello List -

Hoping someone out there has had a bit more in depth experience with Advanced Preferences (specifically looking at the Customer Freight one right now), and setting them up to accommodate quantity thresholds.

I have set up the preference (Advanced Preference Type 14 - Customer Freight) with Quantity Level Break turned on, and set up a few examples. When setting up the details, you can then set up a From Level and the Threshold UM. The issue that I am having is that if I set up a Threshold UM of 'LB', it seems to work. Unfortunately, we'd like to be able to drive the selection at a piece level. All items are set with a Primary UOM of 'EA', and if I set up my Threshold UM at 'EA', the Preferencing breaks down. To be clear, everything appears to work fine, if threshold is weight, just not units.

Was hoping that someone could shed some light with regards to if I might be missing SOMETHING on the set up. Or if Advanced Preferences (maybe just the transportation ones?) are constrained to weight UOMs. Appreciate any assistance/insight that anyone has to offer.

T J Furstenau

E1 9.1