Advanced Preference Help Needed


I utilize advanced preferencing to input our customers' payment terms dependent on a matrix of certain criteria (customer type, volume, growth, early order). In the past, we utilized seasonality of an item to distinguish between fiscal year. Unfortunately, our company is moving away from seasonality and moving towards a year-round ordering cycle. Long story short, the advanced preferencing model we utilized for the past 5+ years is no longer efficient. Is there a way that I can utilize advanced preferencing to distinguish between a "preseason order" and "re-order"? We currently utilize AC24, AC25, AC27 to give the different permutations of terms. In the past we have used "Order Date" as our effective date; however due to changing seasonality of items, we changed effective dates to pull based on "request date".

AN8 - 1234
AC02 - ASP (area shop)
AC24 - 0 (early order (y/n)
AC25 - 04 (Volume Discount)
AC27 - 2 (Growth (y/n))

Order 123456 - Order Date - 2/1/16 - request date 9/25/16
Order 234567 - Order Date - 4/4/16 - request date 9/25/16

In the past - this customer would have received a PTC "Due January 10th, 2017 @ 6%" for order #123456 (as defined as order date prior to 4/1/16) and "Net 30" for order 234567 (placed on or after 4/1/16). Current setup looks only at the request date of 9/25/16 for both orders and gives both the 6% discount.

We have been looking for an order attribute that could be used in Advanced Preferencing that could give us distinction between preseason and reorder, but it appears that only customer and item attributes can be used in Advanced Preferencing. Is there a field in the order detail or other method that could be used to differentiate orders?

Any thoughts on this or does anyone else have a similar struggle?