Advanced Configurator Setup Session at FOCUS 2001


I will be presenting a session titled "Secret Techniques for Getting the Most
Out of the Sales Configurator" at FOCUS 2001 in June. This presentation will be
an advanced configurator setup session where I will demonstrate several
"non-traditional" configurator setup tricks which I have developed to solve
real-life problems such as:

- How to "insert" new segments without changing your segment setup

- How to configure standard "catalog" items without making configurator
segment selections

- How to configure a "catalog" item but with some change

- How to display calculated values before accepting a sales order (similar
to Hot Spot functionality in B733)

- How to add effectivity dates to Cross Segment Editing Rules

All of these techniques are performed using standard functionality and can be
done in World or OneWorld. Additionally, these techniques can be modified and
applied to many other situations.

If you would like to have your own "non-traditional" configurator setup trick(s)
considered for inclusion in this presentation please send me a private e-mail.
If used, you will receive full recognition for your "trick".

My presentation needs to be submitted to Quest by the first of May, so I will
need to receive any submissions within the next two weeks.


Don Herd
Configurator System Specialist
Moderator, JDE Configurator/CustomWorks Discussion Group
[email protected]

P.S. If you are interested in the JDE Sales Configurator or CustomWorks
(Advanced Order Configurator) check out the Configurator/CustomWorks
Discussion Group on Yahoo! Groups.