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We are looking for new solution for generating ASN with World version A7.3.9 and using Advance Warehouseing?
I would appreciate input from others as to potential solutions.
Coming from the EDI world, and ASN (Advanced Ship Notice - EDI document 856) is something that could start in JDE, but in order for it to leave your system, it has to go through an EDI translator.

For our supplier side of business, we receive 856's from our website and from EDI. The information that we need from the ASN is then feed into a F47 file that we copied F47033. We then created a custom version for the J4312 (Receipts by PO) program to pull the information from the F47033 file for that shipper number (ASN). It then will adjust inventory and close the order.

As far as ASN's going out of JDE to a customer - this really has to be done (at this time) in a 3rd party software - since JDE does not translate the data into an EDI format for transmission.

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The problem we had with 856 ASN out in World 7.3 was ship confirming the same item in multiple containers. JDE ship confirmation only allows for confirmation of one container per line item. I handled that a couple of different ways for different companies. One was I created my own ASN ship confirmation programs and files. Shipping only ASN confirmed 856 customer orders. They would bring up an ASN order and open a container. The next screen would bring up the line items and order qty's and they would enter qty for items in the container, they then hit function key to close container (or order) and bring up next container. The item quantities would be the balance of the item minus what was ship confirmed in other containers. There was also an edit if the order was under/over shipped that they could override. The UCC 128 barcode labels would print when they completed the order. They would still have to ship confirm in JDE. The P47037 extraction was scheduled to run and then a program kicked off to use the JDE files in combination with the ASN container files to create the ASN.

Another solution (I didn't like) was that shipping would find out how many containers an item would ship in and send the order back to customer service to have them cancel the line item and enter the item again multiple times with the container quantity. That way each item container line would show up on ship confirmation and they can then enter the correct container number. This took ship confirmation a LONG time and the order would sometimes get held up in customer service. A work around for them was that I basically created the same screen as the previous solution at the other company but my program created the appropriate item and qty records in F4211. This removed sending the order back to customer service and ship confirmation having to enter the container number in EVERY detail line (some orders hundreds of lines long). When they brought the order up in JDE ship confirmation the qty's and containers were already populated.

At another company we purchased a 3rd party package Varsity. It has not been fully implemented yet. We download the order to Varsity and it ship confirms in containers and creates my ASN files. The order is then uploaded to JDE and auto ship confirmed. JDE ship confirmation is not used. Varsity had to write this especially for us but I have not seen it work yet.

I heard that World 8.1 is supposed to allow ship confirmation of multiple containers but have not seen it and don't know anyone using 8.1.

I'm sure I could revisit these implementations and find ways I would improve it but it worked great for the companies for their processes and resources available.

One World Xe B7333 SP15.1, World 7.3, AS400, NT 4.0 Deployment Server, EDI TrustedLink E Version 5 (Premenos)


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From our investigations you are right. There is no built-in functionality
in A7.3 for ASNs and each site has to build their own. We are currently in
the process of implementing both ClipperShip (for the manifest, bar code
labels, etc.) and ReSKU Pack (telling us what product was put into what
container). We are getting both of these through Keywill. What will happen
is when we have an order for a customer that requires the 856 it will be
handled at a specific packing station and the order will be pulled from the
AS/400 over ODBC into ReSKU Pack. The packer will put the order together
and scan in the items into each container. The order will then move to a
shipping station where they will use ClipperShip to complete the process.
At the end of the day (we don't need to do it more than once a day) someone
in the warehouse will start the process to close out the day, i.e. print
license plate for UPS, export ClipperShip and ReSKU Pack data, and upload to
the AS/400. I have a backfill program on the 400 that will push the
Tracking numbers back into the F4211/F42119 files. The EDI portion is being
done by the e-commerce group in our department so all I have to do there is
tell them where upload file is and what it looks like. They will be
responsible for formatting the data through the F47 files and pushing it out
to the customers.

Now I have to say here that some of that has been done and some is still
theoretical, although we have a high degree of confidence that it will work.

Douglas Belcher
KV Pharmaceutical Inc.
St. Louis MO
Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer

Doug Belcher
St Louis MO
Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer
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