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Address Book Word Search Refresh


Is there a way to perform an Address Book Word Search Refresh, as opposed =
to a full rebuild?=20

In World there are 2 separate programmes - one for the build, and then one =
for the refresh. When you initially run the Build Search Word programme it =
creates a data queue (ABLOG) which then logs all Address Book changes. The =
Refresh Search Word programme then runs against this data queue and takes =
very little time to run.

In One World I don't see a Word Search Refresh programme. The initial =
build of the Word Search file took about 18 hours to run, and I'd hate to =
have to run it every day to update the Word Search file.

Is the official solution to put in data selection, manually selecting on =
Address Book records with a Date Updated (ABUPMJ) greater than or equal to =
the date that the Word Search Build programme was last run? How do people =
go about automating this? It would be nice to be able to set the selection =
criteria to something like "Date Updated (ABUPMJ) is greater than or equal =
to the last successful run date for the programme (R01BDWRD)". Can I do =
this somehow? It might be even better to create a trigger on the F0101 =
file, so that any change to a record in this file fires off the R01BDWRD =
programme with a data selection of the address book record that was =
changed. Has anyone done this on an AS400?

OW: Xe
ES: AS400 v4r5
CO: On AS400

Colin Lewis